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Custom Home Chilliwack

Top Quality Custom Home Construction in Chilliwack

What Is A Custom Home In Chilliwack?

A custom home in Chilliwack is a unique and one of a kind home build that offers choice and flexibility. Custom homes are designed individually for each client. Most of the time it requires a collaboration between the homeowner, builder, architect, engineer, and various other parties that are involved in the design and logistics of building your new home. This custom attention leads to a higher quality and more user friendly layout that is specifically built to suit your personal needs.

Thinking of building your dream home? You worked hard and saved your money with this in mind. So, why not invest in a home that is designed and built around your specific taste, style and needs? Custom built homes are the perfect way to ensure you live in the exact type of home that suits your needs for function AND style. The word "compromise" doesn't exist with this type of custom build.

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Why Choose Custom Built?

Why Choose to go the custom home route for your Chilliwack dream home?

Whether you are building your Chilliwack dream home, creating a serene retirement home or creating a home for your family and loved ones, custom built homes are the best way to go. Custom designed homes allow the Chilliwack homeowners the opportunity to control layout, lot size and accessibility of the house. You can choose your design, space, hygienic or cautionary requirements for your house and turn it into a home. Custom-built homes are more appealing and luxurious than standard layout houses, not to mention more affordable.

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Whether you are buying a Chilliwack house or building one, you often get what you pay for. You cannot make additional requirements and upgrades without it costing more time and money to the builders and ultimately, you. Custom built homes allow you to have a say in how you build your home from the beginning of the project to the end. You can save a lot by choosing a custom designed home as you won’t have to make further changes or additions to your home that will be needed if your house was not built according to the design you chose. Saving this time and headache is how custom homes are affordable and convenient.

See examples of our Chilliwack Custom Home Builds

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Chilliwack Custom Home vs semi and produ

Chilliwack Custom Home vs Semi-Custom Home And Production Built Homes

When you’re house shopping for your Chilliwack home, the market can become overwhelming and a bit disappointing. You may like a particular style in one house, but the features aren’t what you were hoping for. Or maybe you love the quality of the design elements, but the house is just not big enough for your family to comfortably live in. No matter the case, you start seeing “fixer-upper” on the front door of every house you visit, and nothing feels like home. So, you may begin to entertain the idea of building a luxury custom home or a semi-custom home. But what’s the difference?


Custom Homes

A Chilliwack custom home is a one-of-a-kind home designed specifically for a client and explicitly for the location chosen or already owned by this client. These homes are built by custom home builders (like us!) who specialize in innovative projects and have the experience and expertise to meet your exact personal needs. With a custom home, everything from the floor plan to sustainable initiatives to the type of bathroom sink you want is personalized and tailored to meet the client’s high-end musts. As a result, the budget is determined solely by the choices of the client, and the functionality and quality of the home are to their standards and theirs alone. At any point in the build, alterations can be made but these homes can cost more per square foot, as many products and features cannot be ordered in bulk due to the uniqueness of the build. That being said, this is still a better and ultimately less expensive option than buying and renovating a pre-existing home.

Semi-Custom Homes

Chilliwack Semi-custom homes are pre-designed house styles determined by pre-existing floor plans. These homes are traditionally built on development land owned by the builder, but a client can browse through feature options and usually they are able to request layout changes prior to the start of construction. Changes can include adding a room, a deck, a loft, a garage, etc. Typically these homes can be completed faster and for less cost, but the homeowner's personality will be less emphasized in the final product.

As you determine which type of build will best suit you, remember to keep in mind how much time and budget you will be able to devote to your project.

When you require some alteration, but less "custom attention" to your home build, then this can be a good option too.

Production Built Homes

A production built home is one which has been designed by a builder working with an architect or designer and the same floor plan is built over and over.  If you buy a production built home, you will not have the opportunity for any input into its style or design.  If you purchase it early enough in the building process, you might be able to choose such things as carpet color, paint, and maybe cabinets and some lighting.  While this is not personalized to you and your family's tastes, there are cost savings in the construction of the same house, over and over again.

Chilliwack Custom Home 

When you decide that a custom home in Chilliwack is the right path for your new home, Teknite Homes Inc is here for you. We are passionate about the quality we put into every custom home project that we take on. Your new custom home will be no exception. Excellence, honesty and transparency is what we are all about. When you work with us to fulfill your dream of building that one of a kind custom home, you can trust that we will deliver exactly what you envision. 

We will walk you through every step of your new custom home project. When you have questions, we will have answers. When you have concerns, we will have solutions. When you are happy, so are we!

What are the benefits of a custom home in Chilliwack? Click to see some Benefits.

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Contact Us For Your Custom Home In Chilliwack

When you think of your future Chilliwack Custom Home, think Teknite Homes. We have the know-how to deliver the best custom home and custom home build experience in Chilliwack. When you want a hassle free and exciting journey from conception to completion, CALL US to chat about your new home, or fill out the contact form below to start a conversation with us. We are friendly and easy to talk to. Teknite Homes is always happy to help you acquire the home of your dreams!

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